5SD037, BGP

Alpha week,my deadlines.

Two days until Alpha and these are my priorities for the week.

  • Working on a Minimap

The minimap will display the entire level as well the current location of each guard and prisoner as a colored dot specific for each kind. It will provide a way of fast travel as well, by clicking on a location on the map you will be transported to that area.

  • Visuals for the Context Menu

Some kind of visual effect which shows that an action is active and a cooldown until you can preform that action once more. So the player can se how long each action lasts and how many times they can perform that actions, all in order to allow the player to plan their actions as best they can.

  • Quest display for level objective

A simple display to show the players current progress, how many prisoners there are in the level and how many they have saved as well the once left to save.


At the end of the week I intend to give a more detailed explanation of how these was created, if they was completed on time and implemented into the game. Otherwise I will explain what lead to them not being completed.



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